Adele Mat fought against the ban of the Mat

Адель матом боролась против запрета мата

Looks like the UK got their own Cords, and who would have thought that it is a charismatic singer Adele with a wonderful voice. The woman is so fond of strong language, that she even made a warning to refrain from using swear words during a performance at a music festival in Glastonbury. But it was done by the BBC the company who filmed the festival for later broadcast. Adele was so outraged that warning came only to her and no one else of the speakers that day, in spite of used swear words as much as 33 times.

“I received a warning from the BBC. But the Muse has not received such a warning” — complained from the stage to his fans Adele, and then used every opportunity to use foul language. I must say that the audience supported the singer, and every time her mouth flew another swearword, applauded, laughed and even whistled appreciatively.
Recall that Adele is one of the most successful singers of our time, and she, apparently, did not believe that someone should dictate such terms.

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