Jake Gyllenhaal talked about how he met with Heath Ledger

Джейк Джилленхол рассказал о том, как познакомился с Хитом Леджером

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal was the hero of the new issue of Australian magazine GQ. In an interview with 37-year-old actor told how he met with the winner of the award “Oscar” for her performance as the Joker in the blockbuster “the Dark knight” (The Dark Knight) Heath Ledger.

“I auditioned for the musical “Moulin Rouge”. Baz Luhrmann chose three actors: Ewan McGregor, Heath and me. We auditioned many Actresses — it was a long process. But I’ve never met a Ledger, I just heard about it. We were constantly taken to different rooms, we never crossed paths,” began his story Gyllenhaal.

After the audition took McGregor. The frustration led to friendship. Later, actors the fate finally got on the set — they worked together on the film “Brokeback mountain” (Brokeback Mountain).

“After the premiere of “Brokeback mountain”, which became one of the most discussed projects, Heath called me and said, laughing: “Hey man, I have news for you. Bases offered me a role in his next film. I just wanted to let you know — I refused!” So Heath loved me,” continues the actor.

Both actors were nominated for the award “Oscar” in 2006 for “Brokeback mountain”. After nearly two years, in January 2008, Ledger died from an overdose of painkillers and tranquilizers in his new York apartment.

“Sample this film was very strange: my conversation with casting Director was in a dark room, and the Director, ang Lee was sitting almost 15 feet away from me and almost never said anything. Two weeks later I called and said I was approved. After I realized that eng or just very talkative people. Once at a rehearsal with Anne Hathaway, who played my wife, he said, “You societetes just like oil and water”. I then came home and wrote this phrase on the paper 40 times, thinking maybe at least this will help me understand what the hell he meant” early told Gyllenhaal on samples in the film “Brokeback mountain.”

Recall that last year released biopic “I am the Heath Ledger” about the life of a popular Hollywood actor, who passed away at the peak of his career.