Nastasya Samburski still not forgiven family violence in their family

Настасья Самбурская до сих пор не простила родным насилие в их семье Actress condemns men who raise their hand on women. According to Nastasia, it is unacceptable, and women should not tolerate such treatment. The very movie star has been in the same situation in childhood.

Nastasya Samburski, remembered by the audience for the TV series “Univer”, laid out the resonance in the microblog post, which has alarmed its subscribers. The actress remembered as a child had witnessed the violence. Samburski sooner left his native city, since the situation was not different in her family. She encourages other women to fight if their chosen one has them.

“Why do men lift the woman’s hand, and whether this be forgiven? Why not to collect will in a fist, not to suffer, after the first case? Why women suffer years of domestic violence, justifying themselves that, say, children, and I’m not one pull! Have you tried? Then the children grow up to be psychopaths! Why do we have half of the country’s ordinary “terpily” and masochist, unable to act? Why are you afraid of the weak and allow the men to assert themselves at you? Folder the nurse was beaten, well, let me beat! It becomes the norm! And this is not the norm. Throw them, have respect for yourself!” – said Nastasia.

Subscribers stars supported her point of view and shared their stories, when they also had to face violence from the loved ones. “All true and correct! She was in this situation, eventually took the little boy and dumped him, aimlessly”, “Those who raise a hand against girls, it is not men, and rags”, “Two suffered only emotional abuse. But one day, he got on his face. Without hesitation, he Packed up, gathered the kids and left,” say the followers.

Recall that, when Nastasia was 5 years old, her father put behind bars. She stayed with her mother and older brother. After the ninth grade Samburski left for Engels to study as the hairdresser. Now the actress is almost no contact with their families. She claims that her brother occasionally calls to demand money. Samburski not ready to make peace with his family.

“Trying to forgive when I grew up. Failed. Long to explain why,” said Nastasia.

By the way, the brother of actress Gregory lives still in rtischevo Saratov region. As the man told in one of interview, first Samburski even helped him financially: paid study at the University, but then was no longer able to “drag” myself to the relative. According to him, the mother also wants to establish contact with her daughter, but she did not return phone calls.