Jackie Chan was locked in a car with a live lion

Джеки Чан оказался заперт в машине с живым львом
The actor admitted that the hardest thing he gives the dances.

Jackie Chan

Photo: Fotodom.ru

During his long career, Jackie Chan had
to star in more than 130 films and television series, and, in most of them he did without the help of doubles.
Because not all the stunts went smoothly, again was on the verge of
death. As Chan argues, during this time, he managed to break almost all the bones
in your body. Recently, however, Jackie said: the hardest thing, it is granted at all
no risky stunts, and exercises in choreography.

“You know, I’ve done everything: jump
from a great height in the first “Police story”, fall from the clock tower in “Project
A”, to hang for 45 minutes under the helicopter flying in the sky, on the set of “Police story 3″…
But I have not ever been so hard
as for the recent filming of “Armour of God: In search of treasure”, where
it took me the dance style of bollywood. Tricks, even the most complex me
to do much easier!” — told 63-year-old Jackie.

“I’ve tried my best, but I have not
worked. And only when our
dance instructor thought to explain to me what real action looks like
every movement, I finally managed to memorize them. He told me, for example:
“Now we screw the light bulb. And now swaying like before the jump. And
now waving their hands in the morning
charge!” The only way I was able to learn the dance!” — told Chan.

By the way, on shootings of film “Armour of God: In search of treasure” Jackie had to endure another very embarrassing moment. The fact that in
filming one of the episodes from Chan demanded that he swept
the machine with a live lion! “I
assured that the animal — testirovanie.
But he was so huge, and his handler was not there. So, frankly, I was really scared!” —
assured Jackie.