Alika Smekhova revealed the secret to a perfect figure

Алика Смехова раскрыла секрет идеальной фигуры
The actress said that allows her to stay in great shape.

Alika Smekhova

Photo: Instagram

Alika Smekhova went to a long awaited vacation,
she decided to spend on the Cote d’azur along with his
sons Bob and Makarov. Family is on vacation is in active
a way of life. Night Smekhova went to live in his microblog,
to show the fans what they’re doing. Turned out, Tom is an avid fisherman.

“We fish all day and now night.
However, while I caught nothing, — reported Alec, But if this caught on,
cook it myself.”

The next day, posting a photo where
she poses in a swimsuit, the actress decided to share what helps her
to stay in such perfect shape.

“I foresee issues as I can
keep such good shape? — smiling star. — Just want to say, photoshop
in the pictures there, because I just do not have this program. My secrets
simple. The first and most important is the mode of the day and a healthy diet. The second weekly
unloading, for example, on Wednesday I only drink unsweetened juice and eat nothing. Of course,
helps regular activities. I stopped yoga and swimming. Important
the role of a positive attitude to the world and to yourself — a bit of irony. Very