Jackie Chan was awarded a special “Oscar”

Джеки Чану вручили специальный «Оскар»
The father of the actor has not lived up to the stardom his son.

Джеки Чану вручили специальный «Оскар»

Jackie Chan

Tom Hanks

Jackie Chan, beloved by millions of moviegoers around the world, finally won the award
which, at the conclusion of his fans, he deserved many years ago. He was handed
special award — an honorary Oscar as recognition to Jackie for all his
career. This was reported by overseas media, including the Internet edition People.com.

62-year-old Jackie received the coveted gold
the statue in a solemn ceremony on the stage of the Highland Center in
Los Angeles, from the hands of actor Tom
Hanks. “As you know, Jackie has worked mainly in films about martial arts
and comedies, that is genres, which
tradition, rarely get the recognition the Academy awards. And this prize marks the recognition of merit for
career designed just for actors like Jackie…” — said

56 years that passed since the beginning of my career, and after 200 films, broken slightly
not all of his bones, I finally received my prize!” — gloomy joked Chan in response.

Getting a well-deserved award, Jackie said: “My
dad asked me once: “Son, you have starred in so many movies, and when
you will receive your prize? And I laughed: “Dad, you don’t understand, I just
only do Comedy…” I’m sorry he didn’t live to see this day…” the Father of Chan —
Charlie did not live to stardom son, 8 years old, he died in 2008,
the age of 94.