90-year-old Hugh Hefner was forced to blush Russian model

90-летний Хью Хефнер заставил краснеть русскую модель

The Playboy boss has invited the beauty to his estate and fairy stories about Marilyn Monroe.

What model wants to meet the we met hef, and even to receive from him a couple of scathing compliments! But lucky Russian beauty Kira Dikhtyar. She has several years successfully acted for the gloss, is the face of several brands, and recently posed for American Playboy, what attracted the attention of a famous heartthrob.

Hefner called Kira to his legendary estate, which was visited by almost all Hollywood stars.

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It should be noted that the invitation to the girl from Russia has received from the owner of Playboy immediately after the shooting and, without a second thought, agreed.

“I’ve heard a lot about the house we met hef, but we visited there for the first time at the party, where they invited all the girls starring for the cover of Playboy since 1962, he told Kiera. Over the years many have become grandmothers, but still look great. I was struck by the size of the estate: a lot of huge rooms, each decorated in a certain style. Now I understand how Hugh could have his famous parties of five thousand people. In this mansion, space enough for everyone. We got together because of common interests – in art, literature,” reports the Days.ru.

One thing: Sam Hefner feeling. Greeted guest in a wheelchair. However, the rest remained true to himself. And dressed in his famous red robe.

Good memories from the shoot for Playboy USA #kiradikhtyar #playboyusa

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Kira smoothie was very nice. Sprinkled with jokes and remembered the dream of millions of men, Marilyn Monroe. Or rather, he complained that he never met her in person. But already bought the crypt next to her grave.

Then hef got the magazine for which any collector would give their soul, the same room with the legendary blonde, and signed: “In memory of the most beautiful brunette I have ever seen in my life.”

Such a discovery would put thousands of dollars. But Kira has already disappointed fans of Monroe, saying that to sell exclusive room is not going to.