“Ivanushka” Kirill Andreev told, so do not smoke or drink for 16 years

«Иванушка» Кирилл Андреев рассказал, благодаря чему не курит и не пьет 16 лет

One of the most popular male groups of the late 90’s early “zero” “Ivanushki International” still continues to tour and delight their already somewhat grown-up fans with new songs. Fans of interesting new songs and facts from the life of the band members. One such fact today shared with us Kirill Andreev.

The singer told about the event that happened to him because of what he had to give up bad habits, such as alcohol and cigarettes.

On the day of his thirtieth year, having drunk superfluous, Cyril entered skirmish with one of the intruders celebration.

Verbal sparring grew into a fight, injuring the hero of the occasion. Andrew fell and hit his head. Cyril was admitted, he was recovering in the intensive care unit of the Sklifosovsky Institute. “Fell, hit, trepanation, hematoma. I think that the Lord said to me: “Look, man,stop this nonsense. Go back to normal life“. What is happening now,” said the artist.

As the singer admitted, that event became the start of his completely sober and healthy life. For 16 years he does not smoke and drink alcohol.

Instead, the artist immersed himself in sports and was engaged in hockey and swimming.


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