Телохранитель обвиняет Элтона Джона в сексуальных домогательствах

Worked as a bodyguard for sir Elton John by Jeffrey Wenninger accuses his former employer of sexual harassment. On a well-known singer’s bodyguard worked since 2002 p 2014, and during this time the artist, known for his sexual orientation, tried to persuade the guard to the intima. Especially attempts became more frequent in 2010.

After a series of highly explicit sexual assault, the man not only resigned, but decided to get even with nefarious employer in court. According to Jeffrey, Elton touched his ass, showed him their intimate and frequent body “greeted uncle Elton”, he twisted her nipples, saying “you have so many genes are gay, you just haven’t met the right person”. Naturally, Winiger, John resisted, as could, however, “emotional well-being was damaged”, and he’s still not recovered. The case would be heard in a Los Angeles court, where we learn about the requirements of the former bodyguard.
Representatives Elton John has not yet responded to the request of journalists.

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