Иван Жидков берет семилетнюю наследницу с собой на работу The actor called himself a “Sunday dad”. After parting with his wife Tatiana Arntgolts, Ivan Zhidkov is doing everything to ensure that their daughter Mary didn’t feel deprived of fellowship with the father. The artist manages to combine work and communication with the younger girl.

      Star pair Tatiana Arntgolts and Ivan Zhidkov two years ago divorced. However, parents do everything for their daughter Maria, who on 15 September will mark the seventh year, didn’t feel deprived of attention no mom, no dad.

      Ivan Zhidkov is actively involved in the education of girls and tries to hold her all weekend. For a caring father, even hard work on Sunday – not a reason to refuse to communicate with Mary. The actor simply takes his daughter with him. And judging by the photos that Ivan Zhidkov was published in the microblog, Masha, never a dull moment – star dad wears his heir literally on his hands.

      “Well, we, of Sunday fathers, and sometimes you have to take the work”, – said the actor combines with her daughter the.

      The photo was taken in the operating room. So we can assume that Mary was present at the shoot. It is known that Ivan Zhidkov engaged in a new project that he is mentioned only indirectly, by publishing working time, but refraining from detailed stories.

      It is worth noting that Ivan Zhidkov has a reputation as a very caring and touching father. He takes part in all important events in the life of Masha. Together with his ex-wife Tatiana Arntgolts he congratulated the daughter on graduation in kindergarten, and the first of September, Masha spent in first class. Ivan Zhidkov spoke about reuniting with Arntgolts

      The actor believes child a gift for life, and he wants a daughter to spoil, allowing sometimes to eat the forbidden sweet or gum. However, Mary is a little afraid of dad.

      “She knows that, despite my softness, flexibility and good communication skills, I in case of need can be tough. And Mary feels that there is a boundary, when the Pope may be the last”, – told Ivan about the relationship with my daughter.

      Recall that Tatiana Arntgolts and Ivan jidkov divorced in 2014. As reported by their common friends, the cause of the rupture was the dissatisfaction Actresses with earnings of a husband and frequent quarrels. According to Ivan, it all came naturally, organically and peacefully, so now the ex-wife can communicate with each other. After divorce Ivan found love in the person of 23-year-old model. With Lilia Solovieva he met through the popular social network Periscope. After just a month after the first meeting with the girl, they began to live together. Zhidkov was under the impression that the young model is not committed to marry him. Moreover, Lily and Ivan the same views on leisure and lifestyle.