Иван Жидков во второй раз станет папой

Ex-husband of the actress Tatyana Arntgolts and her colleague Ivan Zhidkov second time will be a dad. About it happy the artist said on his page in the social network under a photo of a pregnant sweetheart.

Recall that he already has an older daughter, Maria, born in marriage with Tatiana in September 2009. Family life she has non-durable, and in 2013, they filed for divorce.
Media reported that the new darling Lilia Solovieva Ivan found more than a year. Approach to Marusya she found very quickly, and that very much and her stepmother, and her little sister Lisa, with whom they became good friends. After this post Lily also began to post pictures with a rounded belly. So, one of them a girl, her sister and stepdaughter are sealed together.
“Escort my monkeys on vacation in Kaliningrad” wrote beloved Zhidkova.