Сергей Безруков и Анна Матисон отпраздновали год со дня рождения дочери

Sergei Bezrukov and Anna matison on 4 July marked the first birthday of his daughter Masha. On his page in the social network, the artist published a picture of his wife and daughter, which was made during the holidays.

“Thank you all for the congratulations, my dear, good! Masha is already one year old! Thank you for your kind words and wishes! =)” — signed photo of Bezrukov.
Recall that the news about the novel by Sergey and Anne, made in 2015, shocked everyone, because the marriage of the artist with Irina Bezrukovoj everything seemed almost ideal and example for imitation. Fifteen years they had been married, which, however, did not give their fruit. But with Anna, Sergei CoE went like clockwork: wedding, pregnancy, birth of first child. Her pregnancy matison concealed to the last, and only a month before the birth of Masha it became known.