Ivan Zhidkov first showed newborn son

Иван Жидков впервые показал новорожденного сына
The actor saw the baby a week after he was born.

Ivan Zhidkov with his wife Lily and son Stepan

Photo: Instagram

Today, the newborn son of Ivan Zhidkova
it has been a week. A real gift for an actor was that he finally
first saw and picked up the baby. From the hospital his wife Wani — Lily —
discharged together with the boy, who was named Stepan. It so happened that
and during childbirth, and during discharge of liquid was on the road.

On the statement of Ivan was replaced by Lily’s dad. However,
neither the actor nor his girlfriend did not attach much importance to that unfortunate
coincidence. The young mother admitted that didn’t understand big
the hype associated with discharge from hospital. “Hmm, beautiful pictures we have
with excerpt. All work, touring, children to raise. And dad and so
hurry home, did not wait for the opening of “discharge” with photographers and
other formalities. Well, really, why? I sincerely do not understand the meaning to wear
child “curtains” (envelopes with lace so look in my eyes) or
more trenchant, mink envelope (I hope not take a loan, though not surprised
the Russian people). Personally, I chose this, that would be cute, practical, and plaid
transformed, and the bow unfasten!” — said Solovyov.

By the way, Ivan, although on tour
supported the wife during childbirth. He did so by video link. Zhidkov
watched on a mobile phone almost the whole process of the birth of his long-awaited
son Stepan.

“All the families I was on video, so almost
attended and know what I say? I don’t understand why nature
there’s such pain that a woman experiences in childbirth, but probably it is
why you need something — reflects Ivan. The second time I experience this space
the feeling when your baby is born, but when in the moment of birth you’re around, though
virtual, this feeling is particularly strong, you see how is
a miracle!” We will remind that Ivan had previously been married to Tatiana Arntgolts, married to
which was born
daughter of the actor Maria.