New year’s eve the First: Andrey Gubin VS Sergey Shnurov

Новогодняя ночь на Первом: Андрей Губин VS Сергей Шнуров
Olga Buzova is rapidly losing the chance to a festive air.

Новогодняя ночь на Первом: Андрей Губин VS Сергей Шнуров

Photo: legion-media

Новогодняя ночь на Первом: Андрей Губин VS Сергей Шнуров

Andrey Gubin


In the social network Odnoklassniki
the voting continues for the artists
who will be headlining the new year’s broadcast on the First channel. Your favorite celebrities have already voted more than 720 thousand people.

The first two weeks in the voting
lead Grigory Leps, Ani Lorak and Nargis. Also in the top five went to Polina Gagarina and the group “Leningrad”. Now, potential viewers wondering what
will perform under the Christmas tree Sergey Shnurov and most importantly, will hear the hits of shocking
singer on the air, considering their content, and especially the profanity
which actor, despite the legal restriction, actively

In addition, the number of applicants for participation in
New year party the First button appeared and it is quite unexpected performers
which, despite years of neglect, is still appreciated and loved. For example, a list of
by selecting “‘t found a favorite artist?”, where you can suggest your favorite artists
was headed by Andrey Gubin.

Quite unexpected news is possible
the lack of channel 31 Dec Olga Buzova. She is rapidly losing its
position in the ranking and now ranks only 34th position. Users also actively used
option “‘t found a favorite artist?” and offered their own versions. For artists who do not
present in the original list, users gave more than 50
thousand votes. Top 10 most frequently proposed implementers who are not
it was in the original list, today added to the General ballot along with
cast for them votes, and then begin the decisive phase of the project.

We will remind, voting started on October 11 in
a special Supplement to OK. Top 60 artists, voices which can give
users based on users ‘ preferences of social networks: it’s
artists, whose music often listen to in the section “Music”. The user
can vote in the app once by selecting up to three artists, as well as
add your favorite artist if he were not initially presented in
top 60. Each of the participants receives a virtual animated
badge, confirming that he made his choice.

Olga Buzova

Photo: Philip Goncharov