Иван Ургант опоздал в Кремль из-за свидания с женой Ivan Urgant rarely shares details of his personal life. Recently the TV presenter has admitted that because of a date with his wife he had to miss an important event in the Kremlin – he slept through the concert.
Иван Ургант опоздал в Кремль из-за свидания с женой

Ivan Urgant was the guest of the new edition of the show GAZLIVE on the YouTube channel Basta. The presenter talked to the rapper about his personal life, the first expensive gift the parents and the rules, what he brings to the job.

It turned out that Urgant sometimes breaks the rules. So, a few years ago, the TV star was late for an important event, which was held in the Kremlin Palace.

“Anyway, I was invited to the Kremlin, and I slept. An important event, not a political, but associated with the Protocol. I overslept. I blacked out the phone is dead. I was so terrible that I’m such a speed never intended. But excuse me for one circumstance. I have a delayed flight, and I arrived home at five in the morning, and the day before I was in St. Petersburg. I had a date with my future wife. We sat in the car at the airport, and then I left,” admitted Ivan.

According to Urgant, he met Natalie many years ago. “Well, then, I go to class. In the seventh. And there’s my wife. We realized it immediately, it took many years. But how in God then not to believe after that”, – said the presenter.

Talking about jealousy, Ivan explained that he had never seen manifestations of this feeling of the wife. “A clever man not to be jealous,” the broadcaster said. He has no reasons to be jealous of his wife, in particular, the fans did not even send her intimate photos.

The star of the First channel tries to leave the answers on the work. Ivan did not disclose their income. According to his calculations, he earns just less than $ 3 million for the year. Besides, Urgant is trying to speak to the colleagues: he does not know the income of Dmitry Nagiyev, and can’t say anything extra in the address of Vladimir Solovyov. “He’s my colleague, I can’t talk about them in any way,” said Ivan.

Nevertheless, baste was able to learn some details, but Urgant was very restrained in his judgments, speaking of Konstantin Ernst. “This is the kitchen I can’t open. It is better to ask a person who could theoretically speak. But there are a huge number of moments when Ernst says “okay” and closes the door,” shared Ivan with Basta.