83-летний Вилли Токарев раскрыл секрет счастливых отношений с 41-летней женой Singer, who emigrated in the mid-70s in the USA, was the guest of the program “Destiny of man”. Willy Tokarev for the first time openly talked about the three marriages. According to the musician, the first wife refused to move him to America, the second was too boring and only the third he was able to find happiness – artist Budinska and Julia have been living together for more than 20 years.
83-летний Вилли Токарев раскрыл секрет счастливых отношений с 41-летней женой

Singer Willie Tokarev became one of the most famous Russian immigrants in the United States. Early in his career to survive in a foreign country, the musician had to work as a mailman and a taxi driver. A few times the actor was on the verge of life and death. However, he admitted that each time he was saved by the angel.

According to Tokarev, he was married three times. The first time he’s engaged with a girl ina, Willie was fascinated by a girl when asked to buy coffee in the store. In 1966, the year the couple had a son Anton. Heir to the stars followed in the footsteps of famous father – today he lives in St. Petersburg, works as a author and performer of songs in the style of chanson. Anton Tokarev gave the first grandson Yegor, who inherited the musical talent of his grandfather.

Willie admitted that adored wife and son, but was forced to leave the then Soviet Union because I understand that in America, his songs would enjoy greater popularity, and not lost. He left his family and fly to another continent, and, according to the memoirs of Anton, was constantly sent to the foreign gifts and money. But despite the separation, the wife flatly refused to move to the United States. Year Villa was waiting for her, but the woman stood his ground in the end, the marriage collapsed.

83-летний Вилли Токарев раскрыл секрет счастливых отношений с 41-летней женой

Tokarev admitted that he did not want to build a new family with the American. According to him, he always only wanted a Russian wife. For a long time the singer was lonely, but it was all over the crowd of fans, one of which was Lyubov Uspenskaya. Singer remembered that one day the artist invited him to a birthday in an American restaurant, but he refused to come, but sent her a bouquet of flowers, a doll, and poems, which later wrote the music – “honey-lyubonka kiss you in gabonica”.

According to singer, he was homesick for Russia in exile, so in 1989 he arrived in the USSR with concerts. In Moscow at the exhibition he met second wife named Svetlana. Musician first sight fell in love with a girl, so I quickly proposed to her and they took with them to America.

“We have a son Alex, and new York, we broke up. She came to America to me, began to keep the lifestyle that she liked, but it wasn’t me. She had other fans. As a man – it was good. But I haven’t been able, haven’t seen impact, since childhood, I was attached to literature and to art. It has become crowded, uninteresting, boring. After a divorce I left her apartment, gave away the furniture, the money. Wanted she was happy and I was free,” admitted Willie.
83-летний Вилли Токарев раскрыл секрет счастливых отношений с 41-летней женой

After parting with his second wife, the musician has long been lonely. He lived in two countries, toured the world and wanted to find family happiness. And one day, fate had prepared for him a meeting that changed his life. Late for a plane from Moscow to America, the musician met third wife, the film critic Julia Bedinsky, which was younger than his 43 years. The age difference didn’t prevent the lovers to build a relationship, which soon had a son, Mylene and daughter Evelina.

“She knows the art of cinema, makes films, she has a job in America. Julie is happy! At the beginning of the meeting she was unapproachable, we went to a cafe, talked for hours. One day I said to her, “Julia, I’m older, but I want to be with you”, – said Tokarev.

Julia was confused by the words of Willie, but still said Yes.

“The passport to me 84 years old, and my biological age is somewhere in the 35-40! I can do all what we did then!. I have no plans, but I am so confident in his health, in his vision of the future that I don’t even care how old I am. I the Gipsy has foretold: I will live 120 years!” summed up the king of chanson.