Иван Ургант увез 10-месячную дочь к океану Little Valerie resting on the beach. Fans of the TV presenter could not remain indifferent to the touching picture of a child celebrity. Apparently, Ivan Urgant’s having a great time with your families and friends.

      In the family of the popular TV presenter Ivan Urgant 10 months ago has a little daughter Valeria. However, a well-known entertainer seeks to acquaint all its fans with little – only occasionally appear in his microblog pictures of Lera. Now the family of the presenter is resting in California. Ivan has decided to please his fans and has published on the social network touching the frame of his daughter. Lera strides small legs in the sand with daddy.

      Step by Step, ooh baby!” – signed, the publication, the translation may sound like a “step by Step, baby.”

      Followers were delighted with such a delicate frame. They are affectionately considered the and were generous with kind words addressed to Lera and caring dad. “The health of the baby. Such little feet, in comparison with daddy’s”, “Wonderful holiday, Ivan, you and your family!” “It seems like only yesterday she was born. How time flies,” the could not leave without his attention fans of Urgant.

      The legendary actress and TV presenter grandmother Nina Urgant told reporters that her grandson dreams of the son. Now he has three daughters – Erika, Nina and Valery. However, the relatives believe that the wife of Ivan Natalia Kiknadze will give her husband an heir.

      “Grandson really wanted to be born a boy, but turned out to Lera. We are also pleased that there was a man of God, the light from such a good, beautiful marriage that they have with Natasha there. Ivan loves children and will probably fight until victory, not yet born man”, — told Nina Urgant.

      Daughter Nina this year just graduated from the first grade of prestigious schools. The eldest heiress of the presenter Eric for 15 years. The girl is already living independently, away from parents. Now she is studying in London, where he also conquers the world of fashion. She was invited to various photo shoots for glossy magazines. However, the change of residence was not for the young Erica’s a simple solution. Daughter of Ivan Urgant hard was the decision to leave the family

      “Moving out of Moscow was very scary to leave friends, family, and what I lived here throughout his life. It may sound silly, but even the change in time scares me, and there’s still more: the language, style, time zone, weather, people. But when I persuaded myself to think positively, everything changed”, – shared memories girl.

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