Ivan Urgant provoked the attack on Filipp Kirkorov

Иван Ургант спровоцировал нападение на Филиппа Киркорова The famous singer and Ivan Urgant took part in the recording of the video related to popular challenges on YouTube. In the next release vloga leading evening TV show you can see how the stars throw a bottle and spend the night in the supermarket.

On the last day of April of the people’s artist of Russia Filipp Kirkorov celebrates his birthday. The pop star turns 50 years old. In anticipation of this happy event, the singer became a guest of the program of the First channel “Evening Urgant”. In a live TV show Philip talked about their luxurious dresses and jewelry, shared his creative plans, and also participated in the funny sections of the transmission. Birthday and presenter Ivan Urgant decided to compete with the help in the number of “likes” and has recorded a video in which he performed popular online challenge.

“We decided to make a gift for your anniversary. In 50 years it’s time to access the video blog and to keep up with youth trends,” said Ivan, before viewers saw a new edition of its fashion bloga.

In the video, which appeared online, you can see how a leading television show and famous actor doing the stunt with the bottle. The task of this challenge is to throw a container of water so that it fell down the bottom and fell.

But tricks with plastic containers of stars decided not to limit. They also went on a desperate and dangerous experiment — for speed eating corn with a power drill. Recall that the execution of such challenges can lead to very serious and sad consequences.

Иван Ургант спровоцировал нападение на Филиппа Киркорова

In addition, the celebrity decided to go to the supermarket to spend the night. After much deliberation, Philip and Ivan managed to find a safe place between the storefronts in which they took refuge from the guards. When the allotted time came and the store closed, the stars emerged from their shelter, to have fun and to shoot the material for vloga.

However, the security noticed the intruders and chased them. The result of Philip Kirkorov even hit with a Taser. Concerned, Ivan asked me how that feels. “Everything is fine. The next challenge will hold in the Kremlin on my dnyuhu”, — said the singer. “Phil poltos!” — said his friend.

Add that new release vloga showman who posted on the official channel of television shows on YouTube, gradually gaining popularity in the Network. For several days the video with Ivan Urgant, who took the alias I-One-Ur-Gang-TT, and Philip Kirkorov aka Phil managed to get about a million hits on YouTube. Work celebrities also appreciated the Internet star Ivan rudskoy, recording under the pseudonym of It. “If not for the laugh track, it would believe that Phil and I-One — top-bloggers. Fit!” — this comment was left by the idol of youth. By the way, before Ivan came to visit his namesake, which caused a storm of emotions among their fans.