Иван Ургант создал новый музыкальный коллектив Trio “Podarki” made under management of Nadezhda Babkina. Ivan Urgant, Alla Mikheeva and Dmitry Khrustalyov has mastered the technique of Russian folk songs.

      Иван Ургант создал новый музыкальный коллектив

      On the eve of his birthday Nadezhda Babkina came to the program “Evening Urgant”. The national actress looked stunning, the audience greeted her with thunderous applause. Ivan Urgant decided not to miss the unique opportunity to take a master class with the Queen of folk songs. He asked Nadezhda Georgievna to teach your new musical group, formed in front of the audience, the basics of Russian folklore.

      The trio headed Ivan called the band simply as “Podarki”. In addition to anchorman in the team included Alla Mikheeva and Dmitry Khrustalyov. “Nadezhda Georgievna, you have and the ensemble “Russian song” and the theater “Russian song”, but the Academy no, î said Urgant. – I want you right now taught me with my art colleagues at the right time in the Russian song to pronounce a certain set of sounds. We are ready now to take part in the open lesson “you taught me mother.”

      Each participant “Podarok” hurriedly put the rest of the sheets on which in large letters was written “Oh-Oh”, “ooh” and “uh-Oh”. Babkina was indignant at the lack of detail in national costumes of the future stars of the folk song. The prop immediately gave Orenburg and Pavlovo Posad shawls, which are worn by leading.

      “Sounds like folk songs very much, and podarki need to enhance the mood, – has explained Nadezhda Georgievna. – It is necessary to sing these sounds like you gave a kick – padiham, the broach…”

      Talented students on the course have learned the lesson and together with the musicians of the group “Fruit” is assumed known Russian folk songs. After the program is inspired by Babkin was offered the soloists of the newfound trio “Podarki” to participate in his concert, which will take place March 22 at the theater “Russian song”.

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