Анна Грачевская выяснила, что растит гения The presenter did a DNA test to determine inclinations of the child. Anna Grachevskaya was surprised that the girl has great potential. Great success awaits baby in the sport.

      Анна Грачевская выяснила, что растит гения

      Almost all parents care about their children a bright future. And even from birth, the heirs understand which areas of activity their children have impulses. Often mothers and fathers start from an early age to develop children – give in different sections, being prepared for school and more attention to learning foreign languages.

      Popular host Anna Grachevskaya decided to find out which of the fields in the future will be able to succeed her year-old daughter Vasilisa. Known ex-wife of Boris Grachevsky decided to send the girl for DNA examination. The result exceeded all expectations mum. It turned out that only a small percentage of people around the globe has the same mental abilities, some found Vasilisa. Of course, for Anna this became a legitimate subject of pride.

      “Such a high IQ of 170, I, of course, insanely nice. And particularly pleased that the figure is only three percent of people. For example, scientist albert Einstein and several of our brilliant scientists possessed similar levels of intelligence,” said Grachevskaya.

      Genetic analysis showed that before the girl opened numerous opportunities. Sports, dancing, science, creative activity – it became clear that Vasilisa can easily master any direction. Daughter Grachevsky predicted remarkable successes in volleyball, sprinting, skiing, and rowing.

      But not so long ago in a conversation with “Stricom” Anna told me that her daughter is growing a real fashionista and is very interested in their appearance. “Vasilisa actually we have a Princess – her first question: “Where is my jewelry, perfume and sweet?” Waking up, my daughter immediately dresses up: put on fancy dress, rings, bracelets, shoes… And then Breakfast!” – shared then Anna.

      But for now, she had not yet showed their talents. Moreover, the child will not have problems with school performance. Vasilisa will be especially good to learn science, for example, mathematics. Besides the daughter Grachevsky can differ a good memory.

      “But the more I was surprised by the result concerning the sport. Vasya I do not see the love of ball, so far in her life only dances and songs”, — said Anna in an interview to the website Womanhit.ru.

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