Pierre Narcisse will send her daughter to the land of their ancestors

Пьер Нарцисс отправит дочь на родину предков Former “manufacturer” will take out the heir of Russia. Pierre Narcisse is going to make an unforgettable trip with family in his native Cameroon. There he introduces daughter with their relatives.

      Пьер Нарцисс отправит дочь на родину предков

      Before the birthday of Pierre Narcisse only a matter of hours. Holiday is a former member of “American idol” will celebrate with friends and family. This year will be a landmark for the artist. Pierre was planning to undertake a Grand tour, of which he had dreamed for several years.

      The main idea of “manufacturer” is acquaintance of his daughter Carolina is the home of the ancestors – Africa. When the artist married Valeria Kalacheva, he stayed in Russia, going abroad only for holidays or to visit relatives. The daughter of singer has to go to school. But she’s still never been the historic homeland of his father – in Cameroon. It is worth noting that Pierre was deliberately chosen for that specific moment.

      “In Cameroon drove my wife being pregnant, so Carolina can say was there in her tummy. This year we will go there as a family. Not because I wanted Caroline met with Africa and Cameroon in the age of reason. And here I want to say that genes still take their toll,” said Narcissus.

      Interestingly, the performer of a hit “Chocolate Bunny” doted on their daughter. He constantly published in his microblog photo with her and enjoys all her success. Carolina, in turn, is an inquisitive and athletic. Its plasticity can only envy. But, it turns out, the girl nobody taught dance moves.

      “When she was three years old, saw, as she dances to African music – African booty turns. I asked my wife, maybe she showed her the moves, but no. Valerie thought it was a daughter I was taught. Then I asked Caroline, who taught her to dance. And she replied to me: “Dad, I’m just dancing”. I think she’ll like it in Africa,” said Pierre in an interview with “Interlocutor”.

      We will remind, in the beginning of the two thousandth, when Narcissus was just starting to build a family life with Kalachevo, the pair barely escaped with marriage. Young husband and wife often squabbling, sometimes even too emotional. As a result one major fights Valeria received a traumatic brain injury. Fortunately, with time the singer has learned to manage his anger, and the life of the couple became normal.

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