Алексей Ягудин рассказал об экстремальном сексе The famous figure skater has made a Frank recognition. Evgeni Yagudin told about violent sexual life, which did not stop even on skates.

      Алексей Ягудин рассказал об экстремальном сексе

      Alexei Yagudin for a long time had a reputation as a ladies ‘ man. The famous skater broke not just one woman’s heart before he met his soul mate, Tatiana Totmyanina.

      It is easy to guess that the Olympic champion most of his time in the ice arena, training or speaking. So sometimes he has to combine work and leisure. The athlete does not conceal that his personal life full of spicy moments. However, Alex admits that he had never have sex on the ice. “No, on the ice quite so awkward. Here in the locker rooms without taking off skates, happened,” – said Yagudin.

      Famous athlete agrees that the atmosphere in the locker room is not always suitable for romance. For example, after the hockey players, there is a specific flavor. “You come in and immediately understand: here the players were. They smell more intense. Our skates after the speech too, of course, to the nose it is better not to bring, but with the same players sweat the river flows”, Alex admits in an interview with the magazine “Maxim”.

      By the way, thanks to his profession Yagudin has found family happiness. Spouse Alexis Tatiana Totmianina is also a figure skating star. The couple grows two charming daughters, Lisa and Michelle. According to the Olympic champion, he stoned every day, just talking with them.

      We will remind, in February Yagudin and Totmianina officially signed one of the registry offices of the city of Krasnoyarsk. After a week in the program “Evening Urgant” Tatiana argued such an unexpected thing to do. “Tanya, how did it happen? I just recently read an interview in a magazine where you said that the stamp in the passport is not important, the main thing – feelings. Why you decided to get married? How were you able to persuade Alexei?”, asked Totmjanina Ivan Urgant. “When I agreed to marry him, you want to ask? – laughed in response, Tatyana. – Alex asked me. Persuaded all these nine years to become his wife. So I took the plunge!”

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