Ivan Okhlobystin saw a prophetic dream that saved his life

Иван Охлобыстин увидел вещий сон, который спас ему жизнь
The actor told about a mysterious incident.

Иван Охлобыстин увидел вещий сон, который спас ему жизнь

Ivan Okhlobystin

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Ivan Okhlobystin said that his children (with his wife Oksana actor has four daughters and two sons. — Approx. ed) I love family legends.

“We travel a lot, because memories are the main thing that you can give, — says Ivan. — And on the road
we’re always talking. It is important that the family was not only blood, but also
a common legend. More
all of our stories of our children impressed with Oksana love story —
meeting at the lighthouse club, after which we didn’t break up, wedding. They are being
people heart, really want to meet the love of their man, and live with
the rest of my life”.

But most of all children like stories with a mystical emphasis.

“Once, I had a great-grandmother Sophia Philippovna, — said Okhlobystin. —
Exactly the same what I saw in pre-revolutionary pictures, where she
19-year-old black-browed beauty of noble birth sits on a pebble shore
in the strange sea closed, retro bathing suit with trousers, lace and
ruffle. Here she said to me: “Be careful, this area is haunting Jaguar, and already
several people were injured”. I said to her: “But you, too, can
to suffer!” And she laughs: “And I-what?!” And then in a dream I realized that she
died a long time ago…”

The actor instantly woke up and saw right outside the window a ball of lightning. “It was hanging
as the fireball. The bed was by the window, and the fireball I saw in centimeters
30 from my nose. I froze. The ball also. After some time he crawled to the other
the window, and then completely disappeared. I had a feeling that my grandmother warned me
about the danger…”

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With his wife Oksana and son Savva

Photo: Philip Goncharov