Kim will sue over allegations of a planned robbery

Ким будет судиться за обвинения в спланированном ограблении

It will not tolerate such hints and allegations. After surviving a brazen armed robbery in a Paris hotel and plucking horror, American TV star Kim Kardashian will not tolerate allegations that she alone planned the crime.

The celebrity sued for the portal and its owner Fred Mwangaguhunga for what he said about the fact that this is Kim she specially came up with and planned the robbery, and charged her with insurance fraud. Kardashian will not leave these allegations unanswered and intends to clear his good name from such rumors.
“After Kim Kardashian was the victim of a terrible and traumatic armed robbery in France, she returned to the United States, and was the victim of accusations of gossip tabloids, calling her a liar and a thief” — said in a lawsuit Kardashian.
Lawyer Kim Andrew Brettler said without any evidence publicly accused Kim of staging the robbery of lying about violent acts, and also that Kardashian filed a fraudulent claim in your insurance company trying to save millions of dollars.
It is reported that immediately after the article of the charges, a representative of Kim and demanded to publish a refutation, but in the edition refused the point is, and angry because Kim decided to sue them in court.
Recall that on 3 October, five armed men burst in to the sleeping Kim at three in the morning. Threatening her with a firearm, they took jewels worth ten million dollars and ran away, leaving the bound Kim in the bathroom of her hotel room.