Ивана Краско до сих пор не представили теще The couple with the 60-year age difference is going to mark the first anniversary of marriage. During this time, Ivan Krasko learned to wash the dishes, and his choice became stronger in spirit. The pair plans to visit home of the girl where her mother lives.

      Ивана Краско до сих пор не представили теще

      A year ago, when people’s artist of Russia Ivan Krasko moved in a registry office the young actress Natalia Shevel, the whole country experienced an incredible surprise. The age difference between the spouses is 60 years, however, it was not an obstacle. The couple didn’t hide their feelings – they gave numerous interviews in which he glorified his love.

      Ivan Krasko gave his young wife a memorable rendezvous on the banks of the Neva

      Now, almost a year after the wedding, Natalia admits that she was strong in spirit. However, she is saddened by the fact that she is still not introduced Ivan with his mother Svetlana Evdokimovna. The fact that the woman lives very far away from the Northern capital, it is problematic to get to the family nest daughter. However, Natalia does not lose hope soon to see the parent.

      “We plan to do it before the end of this year. Most likely, we will fly to her in Sevastopol, but it is not to St. Petersburg,” says the wife paint.

      Meanwhile, the conjugal life of actors consists of light and dark bands. Ivan and Natalia, sometimes, and argue. Heated discussions usually end in a delicate reconciliation and leaping laughter. Krasko recognizes that the love for his wife prolongs his life.

      “To be honest, I think I’m only at the expense of love and live… a Relationship with Natalia prolong my life. I “fed” from Atulence. She jokingly calls me an energy vampire. I answer: “I Confess, against you, I am enjoying this feeling of a vampire,” says the artist.

      85-year-old Ivan Krasko was thinking about making a will

      Recall, currently family looking for opportunities to solve the housing problem. Its spacious accommodation in the centre of Saint-Petersburg Ivan gave ex-wife Natalia who has two sons from her marriage with him. It is noteworthy that this property, the actor was provided by the government of the city. Maybe now he has hope once again to receive encouragement from the state. While the pair huddled in the apartment of the former wife of the son of Andrei Krasko.

      “In close quarters, but not mad. We don’t really grieve about it. The important thing is that we have human relationship between all,” concludes the actor in an interview to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.