Ольга Бузова экстренно вылетела к мужу в Италию The presenter wanted to be with the one you love in this difficult time. Husband of Olga Buzovoy Dmitry Tarasov will have a serious examination. An athlete injures knee in match against Turkey in the beginning of the month.

      TV presenter Olga Buzova very quickly issued a Schengen visa and urgently flew to Italy, where is her husband Dmitry Tarasov. The athlete went abroad to pass the examination by qualified doctors. Specialists diagnosed the player’s cruciate knee ligament. According to the trainer of “Locomotive” Yuri Semin, I don’t know when Tarasov will be able to return to the team.

      Olga Buzova wife always support in difficult moments. She was so worried about the health of the beloved, that, having settled the working moments associated with the launch of a new show in the Seychelles, began to gather to Dmitry. The star shared in his microblog pictures from the capital of Italy. About the health of her husband, the presenter says nothing. Probably Tarasov will have to undergo an operation on his knee.

      Arriving in Rome, Buzova took a walk through the streets of the old city, admire the views of local rooftops and visited the famous Italian boutiques on via Condotti, which starts from the Plaza of Spain. However, almost all pictures Olga posing without a smile, so can’t hide the feelings for a spouse.

      The presenter repeatedly said that he and Dmitry love to surprise each other, to arrange surprises. So loves his wife that sometimes gave him very expensive gifts. Recently, the blonde gave a favorite razor, decorated with gold. Olga believes that every woman should treat their partner, make him feel the best.

      “It is important to give a man the feeling that he is the main man in your life. I always build our relationship so that Dima understand how he would decide, so be it. It is necessary to concede each other. When we started to live together, sometimes could not come to a common denominator, arguing. My mother taught me: “You may think differently, but why to quarrel? Why not take the point of view of each other, while not agreeing,” said the star about his family life “StarHit”.