Американская компания приобрела права на показ «Смешариков»

Smeshariki will be Kikoriki. American company Shout! Factory wanted to demonstrate two full-length animated film “Smeshariki. Start” and “Smeshariki. The legend of the Golden dragon”. The company also plans to release them on digital media.
Called at the American rental our will Kikoriki Smeshariki (Kikoriki).

Vice-President Jordan fields noted that the American viewer, these characters loved.
“We loved Smeshariki. It’s a cartoon with wonderful characters, stories that carry a sense of gentle humor and quality animation. This humor is understandable to the American audience,” said Jordan.
But the Russian audience also has something to please: the representative of the centre “Ricky” Diana yurinova said that currently their Studio is preparing a new animated feature about the Game, which will start in 2018.
“Smeshariki” already shown to the American audience. In 2008 the broadcasting rights were purchased by a television channel The CW. In General, the series is coming to the screens in 2004, has already been translated into 15 languages, and the Chinese audience is much higher than the Russian.