Иван Дорн и Noize MC устроили свидание с фанатками Artists organized a real quest. Ivan Dorn pleased the fans, closed the concert, which was attended by his friend and colleague Noize MC.

      Иван Дорн и Noize MC устроили свидание с фанатками

      Concert Ivan Dorn on the Metropolitan area Stadium Live was held to five points. The hall was full. Fans sang along to the favorite almost every song, danced and applauded. But few could have guessed that the day before this event the most loyal fans had the opportunity to become even closer to the singer. Especially for them, Ivan arranged in the center of Moscow real-party – secret statement in the chamber atmosphere. 23 user app Yandex.Music most listened to tracks of Ivan, became the winners of specially organized for the occasion of the competition.

      The lucky ones invited to the Moscow bar Motel, reminiscent of the scenery of the TV series Mad Men. Stepping over the threshold, they are plunged into a real adventure. Walking up the stairs, the guys heard the first chords of the hit of the mandrel Spring, but played it none other than jazz band and the young soul singer Gayan in the middle of a hotel room.

      After the first surprise guests of the event were expecting a second. Visitors moved into the next room and couldn’t believe their eyes. On the chair in front of a microphone sat an old friend and colleague Ivan Noize MC with a guitar in his hands. The popular rapper performed his own twist on the song Dorn “to Kiss another”, and he played up the beatboxer-accompanist. At the end of this friendly mini-tribute to Noize not resist and delivered a freestyle on the go when composing text.

      At this time in the concert hall of fans was already waiting for their favorite singer Ivan Dorn. Once at arm’s length from the contractor, the fans could not help but get excited. The judge of the Ukrainian version of the show “the Voice” and host of the evening made a party in its best traditions. Of course, there were informal gatherings of boys and stars. Absolutely everyone pleased with the time spent.

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