Алена Апина представила свой спектакль Singer drew on the work of gifted children. The staging of “the night before the exam” was highly appreciated by the audience who attended the premiere.

      Алена Апина представила свой спектакль

      In their spare time, Alena Apina finds the opportunity to lecture on music and art to the younger generation. And also writes plays and acts as the Director of their works. Rehearsals are captivated and brought together all: parents and students, teachers and friends. On the question of how the singer enough time and effort, Allen said smilingly: “you Need to do, to get up early, listening to good music and create!”

      By the way, in 2016 in Russia declared the year of culture. So, Katya LEL appeared the idea to write and to put together with her students a play with the intriguing title “the night before the exam”. Interesting storyline where the main characters performances of Alexander Pushkin, Nikolai Gogol, Anton Chekhov – classic, charismatic personality who wrote their great works, there are in this piece in today’s reality.

      Алена Апина представила свой спектакль

      The action takes place in our days. In the play “the night before the exam” the main characters are modern teenagers who are passionate about the online space and live in the virtual world, but the night before the exam becomes impossible for them is very real. They are waiting for a real encounter with the classics: Pushkin, Chekhov, Gogol.

      Entangled plot, costumes and modern technical capabilities, did not let the audience’s attention for a minute. And throughout the whole event sounded amazing music that the guests of the event discussed. All project participants – both students, and their parents received great pleasure from the work, but the show the audience was pleasantly surprised. The final room of the production is the song “Favorite books friends page” – gathered in the auditorium with applause, guests were asked to sing an encore.

      Алена Апина представила свой спектакль

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