Yuliya Snigir appeared for the first time after giving birth

Юлия Снигирь впервые вышла в свет после родов
The actress showed perfect figure at the prestigious film awards.

Yuliya Snigir

Photo: Julia Gave

Charming Julia Snigir, which is just three
weeks ago became a mother for the first time out since giving birth. 32-year-old
the actress appeared at the IV Award of the Association of producers of cinema and television: the ceremony
award for best domestic television movies, series and
the animated series, aired in 2015 took place tonight in
“Izvestiya Hall”.

“I’m here to support the picture of “Great”, very
we want to win, — said Yulia Snigir 7days.ru before the beginning of the award. — Miss
ceremony I, of course, could not”.

Guests gathered at the solemn event, remained
in awe of the actress. “Slim, if not give birth”, —
they said. Colleagues, a few months of not seeing Julia, which was prepared for
childbirth, heartily congratulated her with the advent of the firstborn. In response Snigir a bit
shyly smiled, and it was obvious that the baby is born now — her main
happiness in life.

“About how long I will stay in the decree, I cannot tell you”,
— Julia shared in conversation with the correspondent 7days.ru. And here’s how her record
time managed to return a perfect shape, Snigir speaks with knowledge of the case: for
role in the project “Great” that she came to support at the ceremony, actress
stout had almost 15 pounds.

“It’s always easy to recover and
nice, but losing weight is hard,” said the star. However, judging by external
mind Yulia, it seems that she plays with you: the actress looks like
the phrase “excess weight” — even after giving birth — she did not know at all.

Recall that the long-awaited son Julia Snigir gave birth in
one of the more prestigious clinics in Moscow in early March. A week later, the actress
received congratulations from the close friends who supported her in
the time throughout pregnancy, which the star was silent to her last time, not
appearing at social events and not commenting on information that she
lives with actor Yevgeny Tsyganov.

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