Адель и Джейми Оливер устроили публичное выяснение отношений
The British singer stood up for the rights of young moms.

Адель и Джейми Оливер устроили публичное выяснение отношений


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Jamie Oliver

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One careless statement
well-known British chef and TV presenter Jamie Oliver caused a storm of indignation from the young mothers. After the last interview, the favorite of Housewives everywhere suddenly a barrage of
charges. And at the head of the army offended the fairer sex got up compatriot Oliver — singer Adele, who managed to put in place “conceited”

It all started with the fact that the other day
Jamie, father of four children has made the rash statement
about breastfeeding. “In our country women are worse than others are aware of
the benefits of breastfeeding. It does not require monetary investment, very useful for
children and can protect you from possible serious diseases. Everyone should try it — it’s so easy!” — decided to educate women about Oliver in the interview . This statement has caused justified outrage, because many young
moms not consider breastfeeding “simple” task. In addition, young women considered it inappropriate attempt of a man to teach them to care for their babies.

After some time, said
Jamie responded and Adele. “You know what? I, like many other moms
unbearable pressure from the society about breast
feeding. I can to surprise someone, but for some it’s not easy!
It is difficult, and many do not work. Personally I fed only 9 weeks. And not
going to listen to the stories of men on how “just”. So
I have asked him not to mind your own business!” — said pop singer from the stage during a concert at the stadium in London.

After public performances Adele, Oliver was forced to issue a formal apology for what they say.
He posted on his page in a social network post, which announced
its simply misunderstood. “I didn’t mean to offend anyone.
Especially women with problems in feeding babies. On the contrary — I wanted to support
those who have the all good! Sorry to all mothers, which
insulted my statement…” — repent now Jamie.

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