«Это беспредел»: Тимати и Крида накажут за пробку в центре Москвы  The artists was in the midst of trials because of the reckless antics made them at the end of June. Then Timothy and Egor Krid gave an impromptu concert right on the street, causing traffic on Bolshaya Dmitrovka street was completely blocked.
«Это беспредел»: Тимати и Крида накажут за пробку в центре Москвы

Timothy hardly could have imagined that the opening of his new business project would turn into such a scandal. The rapper just came to a new beauty salon along with Egor Creed in a white SUV and gave a concert before a crowd on the roof of the car.

An unplanned performance by popular artists caused such a violent stir, Bolshaya Dmitrovka street was completely blocked for a few hours.

Besides, loud music, played during the concert, were heard in a radius of several meters and caused considerable discomfort to local residents.
Member of the Public Council under research Affairs of Russia in Moscow Alexander Kaminsky decided not to leave the stars get away with their antics. As a result, on July 12, the Deputy chief of OMVD on the Tver area of capital the Lieutenant Colonel of police Sergey Nikitin took a scandalous case under his personal control.

“StarHit” and contacted Alexander Kaminski that clarify the situation.

“It’s a real mess. Bolshaya Dmitrovka street was completely blocked, and it was not agreed with anyone. Great discomfort was delivered to those who live on this street. Plus because of this concert has created a decent tube, many people could not get home. I spoke with some of my friends, who are sure that Timothy and the Creed, will be able to get away with it because of his status, but I’m ready to go to the end. Now we have the case at once under several articles: about the violation of public order, the organization of unplanned events and about the violation of the law about observance of rest of citizens and silence in the city of Moscow”, — said Alexander.

As it turned out, immediately after the incident, and Timothy, and the Creed, were sent with notice of the requirement to clarify the situation. However, the artists chose to ignore the proceedings and did not come to the district. Now the case has become much more serious.
For violation of an administrative case was opened, and if the stars continue to ignore the demands of the authorities, they will have to attend court hearings.

“Yes, indeed at first, nor creed, nor Timothy did not respond to our statements. Maybe they are not considered serious. Now, however, the situation will change, because it took a serious turn. I believe that ordinary people should not suffer because of someone’s antics. Bolshaya Dmitrovka street popular, and sanctioned the concert of Timati and creed has impacted the plans of many ordinary people,” said Kaminski.

In the near future, this fact will be carried out verification of the circumstances and decisions were made about bringing the perpetrators to administrative responsibility. In the case of evidence against the artists, they will face administrative fines amounting to a maximum of 26 thousand roubles, compulsory work for up to 100 hours or administrative arrest for the term up to fifteen days.

However, neither Timothy nor Egor Krid seem to feel no guilt and are not afraid of possible punishment. On the contrary, after the scandalous incident, Timur Yunusov, posted Instagram videos of the performances, noting that such reaction of the crowd on his work is the best reward.

“To hell with your rotten prize. Keep them to yourself,” confidently said the actor.

At that moment Timothy was fighting with Arman by Davletyarova about the results of the award “MUZ-TV 2018”. With the help of the scandalous video, the artist has tried to prove that even without the coveted awards it is one of the most sought after musicians in the country. However, the expected positive reactions he faced legal troubles.
Anyway, the fans hope that Timothy will be able to settle the problem in the near future. Many of them believe that the artist should admit his guilt and apologize, but what will the musician is still unknown.