Вадим Казаченко: «Я совершил фатальную ошибку!» Today, July 13, the actor notes the anniversary. On the eve of Vadim Kazachenko has told about the reasons of parting with Irina Amanti and about the biggest mistake in my life.
Вадим Казаченко: «Я совершил фатальную ошибку!»

The last two years the name Kazachenko increasingly heard because of his conflict with his ex-wife Olga Martynova. The scandal that unfolded around their divorce, does not subside. So when we decided to talk Vadim in front of the anniversary (July 13 singer turns 55 years), his current wife immediately asked: “Again, you need something to comment on?” “Of course not! I wanted to interview, because Vadim soon round date”. Hung second pause… “Sure! At least one good news”. The next day we met and talked about the relationship of the singer with one daughter, about the joy of being a grandfather and slightly speculated.

Vadim, you crossed the half-century milestone. I can say what the life span was the most memorable?
Вадим Казаченко: «Я совершил фатальную ошибку!»Can’t choose something specific. Say anyone over fifty. Each time period has its own peculiarity. Recently Ira and I talked all night and I bumped into childhood memories. In the spring of 1976 I studied in the sixth grade, was fond of sports, and the guitar still did not know how… woke up from the bright rays of the sun, went to the window, and I covered the feeling of absolute calm, confidence that soon everything will change for the better. And in April 1982 became the “point of no return” – I met with Slava Yanko, and then left military school and did music. Somehow all the important events happened just when nature has awakened from its winter sleep. The tradition continued and in may this year.—
What made him stand out?
Вадим Казаченко: «Я совершил фатальную ошибку!»In our wife and life, things began to change. For the first time in the last few years have begun to feel the reality. Previously in my head was a mess – not understand how you can pour into human slop bucket, in which the word of truth. —
How did you manage to change your point of view?
Вадим Казаченко: «Я совершил фатальную ошибку!»I’m a softie. In the circumstances it is high time to knock on the table and to dot the “i”. I was trying to be intelligent. Most in this situation was suffering spouse. At some point I finally realized that it is impossible to give offense loved ones, took will in a fist and spoke sharply.
Вадим Казаченко: «Я совершил фатальную ошибку!»
She appreciated?
Вадим Казаченко: «Я совершил фатальную ошибку!»It was much easier! Ira realized that I can rely on. May 13, celebrated her birthday, gathered his friends at the restaurant, ate, sang, danced, had fun. Returned home at eight in the morning. While his wife was preparing Breakfast, I dragged the gifts and flowers that barely fit in the trunk. Then we sat down at the table and began to discuss everything. At that moment, felt incredibly happy! Don’t want to let go of these feelings. —
Vadim, why happened between you two quarrel?
Вадим Казаченко: «Я совершил фатальную ошибку!»More recently, I was different – I could not speak with outsiders about their feelings, to emphasize the dignity of a loved one. Did not know how to formulate ideas, to find the right words. So we spoke a little. Gradually the innuendo has accumulated and resulted in the quarrel. Now everything has changed. Ira was able to instill in me a sense of confidence.
Вадим Казаченко: «Я совершил фатальную ошибку!»
The wife was indignant, when there was another?
Вадим Казаченко: «Я совершил фатальную ошибку!»A huge plus spouses – the ability to perceive adequately all sorts of things. Irina understood: the problem is not in the third person, and in our relationship. If everything went smoothly, this would not have happened. I must admit I made the fatal, just a terrible mistake. Not worth it to get involved in the story. —
With the first wife you went peacefully and continued to talk?
Вадим Казаченко: «Я совершил фатальную ошибку!»Of course! Marina broke up peacefully, by mutual consent. When we got married, I was only 20, she’s actually 18. Then life changed, I moved to Moscow. As they grow older realized that we have different interests. Why torture each other? But ex-wife gave me a heir. By the way, after the divorce, we lived on the same staircase. We have a daughter even had its own tradition: if Marianne banged on the wall three times, it meant that it was time to walk. Then he and his mother flew to Germany. And ten years ago, Marina, unfortunately, died.
Вадим Казаченко: «Я совершил фатальную ошибку!»
Marianne and now abroad?
In 2010 while training at the College of new York, she met her future husband, Benny, and soon moved with him to Munich. The guys could not have children. Five years later, finally a girl – our Minocha. And six months later, Marianne became pregnant again, and he was born the son of Michael. The most enticing – I call her – loves her little brother, in every possible way to take care of him. In General, about the grandchildren I’m ready to talk endlessly! Daughter constantly sends photos and videos of the kids.