It turned out the real reason the death star PR agent tima brick

Выяснилась истинная причина смерти звездного пиар-агента Тимы Брика

In early February, completely unexpectedly passed away on 25-year-old PR Director of many local stars Tim BRIC.

The reasons why such tragedy happened to this young man, were not entirely clear. The death of brick’s blamed diet pills, which allegedly took Tim.

Despite the fact that this version seemed obvious to surround the guy, relatives to believe not in a hurry, because waiting for the official conclusions of medical experts.

Two months after the death of the brick, native announced the cause of the incident. This information was available and the press.

“Forensic examination showed that the death of tima was caused by acute heart failure due to secondary cardiomyopathy. The study found traces of dangerous pills. Forensic experts determined that Tim did not use diet pills. But he had very high sugar. Cause of death — diabetes. On the background of the sores the townsman tima refused all vital organs”, — told the representatives of the media friends of the brick.

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