Song Jamala won in the exit poll Eurovision

Песня Джамалы победила в экзит-поле Евровидения

The song “1944” Ukrainian singer Jamala, the representatives of the Crimean Tatar people, which she will present this year from Ukraine at the international music contest “Eurovision 2016”, won the European song festival opening 2016.

Recall that this song had caused a lot of controversy. In the song we are talking about the deportation of Crimean Tatars by Stalin regime in 1944. Then because of the terrible conditions in which they were placed by the Soviet authorities, many did not live to return home. Jamala for this song is a tribute to not only his people but also ancestors who also, like thousands of their compatriots, had survived the difficult times.
Opening 2016 European song is kind of exit-floors music competition. A panel of sixteen judges, which met in Bern, attended 193 songs (the songs that were selected and those that are unable to reach the final )and selected the winners. In addition to the heroic figures in the top five were the representatives of great Britain, Moldova, Armenia and Italy.
The Sergey Lazarev song “You are the only one” with which he will conquer the competition in Stockholm, was included in the top thirty, that’s fine too (from 193 participants!).
Recall that the network users from Russia collecting signatures for a petition calling to change Lazarev on Delaru Umarov – the singer from Kazan, who sang with the street musicians the song “someone like Putin”.

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