Это стоит увидеть: обнаженная девушка под водой с китами

Not to repeat, dangerously! The network is gaining popularity unique photo project by Viktor, which was attended by athlete Natalia avseenko and whales.

Looking at the pictures, there is a feeling that is photoshop. Photographed whales-belugas, put to them a naked girl made an attractive picture. But no. In fact, all the characters are real, and the action takes place in ice water (minus 1.5 degrees) in the White sea in Murmansk region.

The main character – Natalia avseenko, freediver, world champion in the team event in 2006 and 2008. During a photo project with Beluga whales, she managed to set a record for staying in ice water – 10 minutes, 40 seconds (for reference, an untrained person could die in this water for five minutes. Most often death comes from fear).

But Natalia was the experience and exposure, and a great desire to fulfill a childhood dream. About it it is told in the documentary “the Ceiling.”

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“It was my idea. Since childhood, I wanted to swim with Beluga whales, – said Natalia. Under water, you know, enter the special state of the alpha rhythm is something like deep meditation. Animals feel it, in the sea I am constantly confronted with different inhabitants, but the Beluga whale is a special case. They are very sensitive, very vulnerable. Therefore, it was necessary to completely dissolve a person, to become like them, vulnerable and open. Therefore, the Arctic circle, the cold, the lack of a wetsuit”.

By the way, about the wetsuit. Undressed Natalia beauty of the image. Belugas do not like anything neestestvenno, even a normal swimsuit or bikini they perceive as a foreign object and therefore had to go into the water completely naked.

Project photographer Victor Lyagushkin at first tried to dissuade her.

“It is very risky. I once swam in the icy water, but was in a special Dermatoscope, did not feel the cold. I only remember that the skin on my cheeks, which was not covered, when in contact with water immediately began to burn and ache as if the paddle was hit”, – said Victor in the video “the Ceiling”.

In any case, all turned out incredibly beautiful… Like we’ve never seen!

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