Елена Летучая решила выращивать в кораллы
The presenter spends honeymoon in the Maldives.

Елена Летучая решила выращивать в кораллы

Elena Letuchaya

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Elena Letuchaya admitted that even in the honeymoon is not
relaxes, and focuses on the protection of the environment. In the Maldives, where Elena
I flew immediately after the wedding, she and her husband Yuri grow corals.

“Each of us is on the ocean, and, as a rule, we only
take, ” says Volatile. — And the ocean and its inhabitants need help, so
need, to give. My husband and I bought special tools and
attach a little coral, which was very little in the ocean. Then
this device will be placed in the ocean, our corals will grow.

Елена Летучая решила выращивать в кораллы

Elena Letuchaya transplants corals

We will remind, Elena Letuchaya resting with her husband Yuria’s
By anashenkov in the Maldives. There, the couple decided
to spend your honeymoon.

In “Paradise” — so the presenter calls this a resort
dearest wish fulfilled stars to see giant stingrays,
which is also called the sea devils.

“For many years dreamed of seeing the giant manta ray
his eyes — shares Volatile. — Tried to meet them in different parts of the
of the earth, but failed. The Maldives gave me the most welcome gift!
To say that it was unforgettable, to say nothing!”

Elena Letuchaya

Exciting meetings for the sake of Elena, together with her husband
chartered a yacht and went to the place where the assurances of guide is often met
the majestic manta rays.

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