It became known who got the first kiss “the bachelor”

Стало известно, кому достался первый поцелуй «холостяка» In the network appeared the picture with a touching Dating Elijah Glinnikov. Fans of the TV show since the first series was wondering who will be able to get close to the main character. Now the audience are eagerly waiting for new series to see broke out between young people’s passion.

      Стало известно, кому достался первый поцелуй «холостяка»

      25 girls passed the audition and got the opportunity to meet the star of “Interns” by Ilya Glinnikov. The result of the selection of the man left only 15 participants, which for several weeks was fighting for his heart. But with the first issue of curious fans of the actor wanted to know who will be able to make a star impression and get the coveted kiss.

      Initially, bids were made for the three girls: rose’s first impression – Madina, shy Dasha, who went with Glinnikov on a first date and the three bears, who managed to interest to Elijah in an unusual way. But thanks to the frame that appeared on Instagram, it became known that the bachelor has ruined all the speculation of fans. A gentle kiss has got scandalous Les Ryabtseva. The controversial star of “the Bachelor” Les riabtseva: “Sex? It was hard for me to control myself”

      On the screenshot you can see how a celebrity kissing a member of the project, clasping her face in his hands. Judging by the light in the pictures, it happened at night. Probably before that, the young people held a romantic date, and then they both felt the passion and merged in a kiss.

      However, not all members of the community on “the Bachelor,” was delighted from the selection Glinnikov. Some users of the social network noted that it would be happy for any other character. Les, in their opinion, is behaving too defiantly. Others on the contrary, considered Ryabtsevo the perfect candidate for the title of bride of the artist.

      “I don’t even remember who is Les. I can’t remember. But I wish he was with medinol or Dasha”, “I don’t know about you, but I like Les. She grimaces, but nobody knows what is inside, so don’t judge people by its cover!”, “I think Les unusual girl! At least, not a blueprint, as half of the participants in the project. Yes, and Ilya did not simple fellow”, “Oh… That Katya, Lesya… it Better be or Dasha Klyukina, or Madina,” – wrote in the microblog viewers.

      Interestingly, in an interview with “StarHit” the famous journalist admitted that they were going to project love, even in the depths of the soul and believed that it is possible. Les believes that the previous relationship prevented its independence. Met Ilya, she realized what she really important in a partner, and noted that she dreams about the family.

      “He’s very kind, modest, patient, courageous and accepting. Elijah helps me to open up, I always feel his support as if he’s always there. But there are no perfect people. The lack of Ilya – it is a huge, open heart, and because of this he often suffers. But it’s real, which is lacking in people. I’m willing to accept a man with all his problems, if only he was sincere, and not playing someone else’s forced role,” – said the “StarHit” Ryabtseva.