Daughter Nonna Grishaeva hides from her personal life

Дочь Нонны Гришаевой скрывает от нее личную жизнь The heiress star is studying at Cambridge. According to Nonna Grishaeva, Anastasia dedicates all his time to work, so the woman doubts that her daughter has a boyfriend. At least, she tells her mother about the novels.

      Well-known theater and film actress Nonna Grishaeva proud of the success of his daughter. 20-year-old girl graduating from the faculty of graphics and illustration at the University of Cambridge. According to star, the heiress loves to draw, in particular, it specializiruetsya on creating comics. That is why the girl convinced mom that it would be better to study abroad, where well-developed direction.

      According to Grishaeva, she was very worried when released the daughter to the UK. Nastya lives with other students in a rented house where everyone has their own bedroom and bathroom. The girl often shows the mother of creative work, but to share something personal in a hurry.

      “Prerequisites while there were not any. She is very passionate about his classes in which I recognize myself, during the students, I also kept thinking about school,” said Nona.

      The actress said that a few years ago, she was very worried and panicking that the successor does not have a boyfriend. Now, however, she does not interfere in this area life Nasty. Nonna knows that she has a very extraordinary daughter, so try not to go to her with advice. “Let the girl is studying and not distracted by novels. But time will tell what to expect next,” said sci.

      The star of the show “Consequence of love” recognizes that envies the courage of his daughter. The girl constantly changing hair color. According to Grishaeva, she was afraid to put such experiments in 20 years.

      “Nastya often repainted in green, then purple, then pink, then red, then blue. On every visit she terrifies me. I would never dare! They are fond of cosplay, they dress in comic book characters and films in the fantasy genre… I Recently asked my daughter: “why is now the white hair? You looked so good in red.” She replied that white is easier to repaint in a new color. So I still have a new surprise. As an adult woman, I realize that it really spoils the hair, but as she did not go through with it, do not understand,” Nona admitted in an interview with the publication “7 days”. Masquerade ball: as cosplay has become a way of life and captured millions of minds