It became known when and where will the baptism of the youngest son of the Duchess Catherine

Стало известно, когда и где пройдет крещение младшего сына герцогини Кэтрин
Prince Louis “will try” family christening.

Стало известно, когда и где пройдет крещение младшего сына герцогини Кэтрин

Kate and Louis


The baptism of Princess Charlotte


The official representative of the
Buckingham Palace reported that the baptism of the youngest son of Prince William and Duchess Catherine — Prince Louis, will be held very soon. The ceremony will be held in the chapel of the Royal Chapel at the London Palace St. James’s Palace on 9 July.

Do the ceremony by the Archbishop of
Canterbury — Justin Welby, who baptized the two eldest children of William and
Catherine. The young Prince will pass
through one of the main sacraments in the same place where his older brother George, but the sister of Louis the Princess Charlotte was baptized in another
location — chapel St. Mary Magdalene,
located in the Royal estate Sandringham.

In the baptism of Prince Louis will
“involved” are all indispensable attributes of the famous silver Lily font and special dress, sewn from the thinnest gonioscope lace. However, it
is not the original shirt created in
19th century by order of Queen Victoria, and its exact copy.

This copy was made in 2004-m to year on demand
Queen Elizabeth, as a vintage outfit for almost half a century of its
use became too old and was placed in a special storage when
Buckingham Palace. If father Louis were baptized in authentic period attire
then have children of Prince William — and George and Charlotte have passed through the ceremony in the copy shirts. The youngest son of Catherine will be
the eighth child of the Royal family, which will pass through a sacrament in the copy of an ancient dwelling of a family outfit.

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