Andrey Sokolov and Evgeny Mironov decided on a bold experiment

Андрей Соколов и Евгений Миронов решились на смелый эксперимент
The head of the Theatre of Nations was made by the famous artist an offer he could not refuse.

Андрей Соколов и Евгений Миронов решились на смелый эксперимент

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

Now Andrei Sokolov can be seen not only on
the stage of Lenkom, but also in the Theatre of Nations in a bold production of “Utopia” premiere
which will take place on 20, 21 and 22 June. Artists play, lying on the floor and reflected in the
the huge mirror hanging over the stage.

The characters — the inhabitants of the provinces,
which left almost no hope. They only have “Utopia” — the old,
burned once a café that suddenly need to revive that
the businessman from Moscow. He then plays Andrei Sokolov. saw
setting one of the first, hitting on the General run. Immediately after the show
Andrey Sokolov answered our questions.

Andrey how you, the artist of the manuscript, was in
The Theatre Of Nations?

— I was called by Zhenya Mironov, with whom we are familiar
for many years, and asked me how I belong to the Theatre of Nations. I said, “With
respect” — “I Have a play. Let Me Read It?”
And I read it. Wrote “Utopia” of contemporary dramatist Mikhail
Durnenkov. It is elegant, with a plot, with twists and turns, very fresh. These words
do not rush, but I have nothing like this read. After that we
met with Director Marat Gatsalov, discussed material. Then
meet again. And Marat, a gambling man, told how all
the artists lie on the floor, and the audience can see them, and the reflection of that fold
in the unusual pictures. The set design came up with a very talented Xenia
Peretrukhina. Largely due to this custom visual solution
the play became a parable. It’s about the fact that we are struggling in the past. I
the idea of the Directors liked it, was impressed. But did not think how difficult it will be
to perform. I felt it when we lay on the floor and began to teach plastic
the score scenes. Basically, all the rehearsals we spent lying on the floor. Head a little
below the body. At first it was very difficult. It can understand any person
when you lie upside down for a while. And you need not just
speak text, but also to play, to interact with partners. Fortunately,
month and a half of rehearsals, everything went easily. It was possible, without being distracted by
physical actions to take in the contents. From the rehearsal hall to the stage,
over which hangs a huge mirror, we went ten days before
premiere. To be honest, it was unusual to go through the looking glass.

Андрей Соколов и Евгений Миронов решились на смелый эксперимент

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

— During the rehearsals you will not have “Allergy” on

— No, I react calmly. See cute
young man… (Laughs) there are Mirrors in the gym, in the disco, in the dressing room…
So I was used to.

— Probably, the Director has had many spectacular
ideas from which artists had to give up?

– It’s true. We tried a million
things. Well, for example, rehearsed with the choreographer Tatiana Gordeeva scene in the restaurant where we
not like sitting on chairs, and on the branches of one big tree. At first it was
a lot of plastics and rapidly changing rhythmic movements that
reminiscent of clockwork. If you’d seen what looked like a score of movements
arms, legs, heads! Exciting! We moved virtually every second
subject to a clear rhythm. But, thank God, refused. To handle this
incredibly difficult!

— Tell me which position is the most uncomfortable?

— Lying on the floor frozen with your head elevated. Very
uncomfortable. The head is very heavy, probably 10 pounds. We all
lost weight during rehearsals. I personally lost about ten pounds. We can say we
I discovered a new type of fitness just lie on the floor and to lose weight. (Laughs)

— What are you playing a role?

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

— About loneliness. That “no return to the former
the beloved”. That last must be able
to leave. And we absolutely do not know how to do. Real
not live, the future does not know and love the past, whatever it was. Typically
Russian history.

— Andrew, but “Utopia” — it’s not your first
experiment in the theater?

— The hard experiment was a “Game of blind man’s buff”,
put Andrei Zhitinkin. The first word obscene, and off we go. Was
experiment in the theater of the Mossovet “don’t joke with Love”. “Bed,” which
I put myself, and where all the action was happening on the huge bed.

— You will never go on stage?

— Will be unlikely to strip naked and copulate, but I
the experiment is not considered. Many things can come up on stage, and such a radical
things, in my opinion, going from the helplessness… Very accurate Pyotr Naumovich Fomenko was talking about
that using the most simple tools can show very complicated things.

— What experiments can we expect from you in theater and film?

— As a Director I am now busy painting under the conditional
the name “Survivors”. To finish shooting you need before the new year. It
the story of how our children get into the network of various terrorist
organizations, and how to deal with it. Kate Spitz in one of the
the main roles — I Hope to the anniversary of Inna Churikova to provide a wide
the audience his film “Memory of autumn”… What actor starred in the film
“The bronze horseman Russia” Vasily Livanov. 23 Jun will be voicing the Prime Minister
fall. On the First channel, I hope in the near future will show the series “Coal.”
There I Director of mine. Anton Sivers started to shoot pictures Amanat. There I
Emperor Nicholas the First. As for theatre, I hope soon to put
performance under the conditional name “Lobal” Andrew yakhontova. The play for ten years
lying on my desktop. And as soon as I’m going to do
statement, I make an offer I can’t refuse.
(Laughs) In General, the proposal of the theatre of Nations it came to be

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