Айза Долматова отказывается общаться с Аленой Водонаевой The singer doesn’t want to make scandal to the public. ISA Dolmatova, a former close friend Alena Vodonaevoy recognized. that was very disappointed in the presenter.

      Айза Долматова отказывается общаться с Аленой Водонаевой

      ISA Anokhin, also known by the name of the previous husband as Dolmatova, began to carefully consider the choice of friends. Now surrounded by a businesswoman, not so many people as before. She learns to distinguish what is if only you need something, and when he is interested in easy communication and ready to support any minute. So, over time, ISA realized that she parted ways with one of his close friends once Alena Vodonaevoy.

      “We no longer communicate. I am very much disappointed in the man. I have long warned you, but I always found all the situations justify. I was sure that I will not touch it. In the end touched. The reason I won’t name names but I will say that our joint photos you will never see. I have no regrets,” admits the star.

      Apparently, the ISA just doesn’t want the scandal with Alena. Perhaps the subject of the quarrel Anokhina and Vodonaevoy is this topic that the singer just does not dare to speak aloud. It should be noted that previously, the former girlfriend often published photographs. They obviously know a lot about each other, about each other’s past.

      Also, girls communicate closely with Ksenia Borodina, which, incidentally, also stopped to post pictures with the stars, and plunged into the family life. Circumstances have changed and ISA – he is now a married lady, who is raising six-year-old son Sam, and contains the elderly parents.

      “I have changed my priorities. Only when my former husband and I divorced, I realized what family really is. We never lived as a family: Sam, Alex and I, and I very much like. And now I’m married, we’re normal, kind, love family travelers. Today I feel good, when the house is quiet, my husband and I sit with books in their hands, and Sam close watching cartoons,” says the star in an interview “Woman.ru”.

      Interestingly, in the last time ISA paying more attention to the development of his career. The girl is actively involved in the vocals and record new tracks. In addition, recently it plans to build your own beauty Empire – to open a chain of salons. Anokhin also released a collection of fashionable clothes that are in great demand among subscribers of the star.

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