Бывший продюсер Жанны Фриске мог бы стать ее мужем Andrey Grozny openly talked about the affair with the star. He stated that Jeanne Friske has made a proposal of marriage, but she refused. About the incurable disease she the producer found out one of the last.

      Бывший продюсер Жанны Фриске мог бы стать ее мужем

      Zhanna Friske was not more than half a year ago, but she still lives in the hearts of his many fans, friends, and colleagues. Many of those who knew the star and share memories of her. Thus, the former producer of the famous singer Andrew Ivan made a Frank recognition that under certain circumstances she could become his wife.

      It turns out that the worker of show business who has worked with Jeanne for over fifteen years, offered his ward’s hand and heart. However, their aspirations did not come true. Something more than a business relationship happened between Andrew and Joan at the moment when it began to gain popularity as a singer.

      “We have a lot of time at the Studio, spent a lot of time, plus I almost got divorced… – said the producer. In General, the relationship became more than just a friendship or business relationship. There was a certain surge of emotion, more of me… it’s hard for Me to remember all this, and not necessary, I think. Creative people often cheat, you come up with something themselves believe it. Somehow in the rush I gave Jane the ring. But, probably fortunately, she didn’t accept it…So where would it have gone if he went, no one can ever know”.

      Ivan recalls that when his relationship with Friske at an impasse, they had to sit at the table and agree about everything. Producer and singer decided that each of them was worried about a failed relationship, work, personal life impact will be. The star continued to work under the direction of Grozny, he in turn did everything that her career was going up.

      “I totally agree, mixing personal and business is dangerous, but if something happened, what happened, we need to sit down like adults and negotiate. For a serious relationship neither of us was ready: too difficult, not timely and so on. The conversation ended with the fact that from this point on the personal life of each went his way. And more we to him did not return,” said Andrew in an interview with the magazine “Caravan of stories”.

      I must say that Ivan Friske and subsequently stopped cooperating and even a long time did not communicate. When Jeanne went to the doctors after learning about his terrible diagnosis, Andrew was no longer a man in her life. About the illness of the singer by her former producer just learned from the press.

      Son of Janna Friske will remain with the father

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