ISA Dolmatova Alain Vodonaevu accused of corruption

Айза Долматова обвинила Алену Водонаеву в продажности Businesswoman who is expecting her second child, spends a lot of time on social networks. A few hours ago, the star published a post accusing his ex-girlfriend that she agreed to appear in advertisements for one of their common acquaintance.

      Айза Долматова обвинила Алену Водонаеву в продажности

      Pregnant ISA Dolmatova never ceases to amaze fans. Fans follow the life of a businesswoman in Bali, where she moved to live with her husband Dmitry Anokhin and son, Sam. A few hours ago ISA posted on the page in Instagram angry post. In it she expresses dissatisfaction with the stars, who spread a lot of advertising in their microblogs. Especially “has got” former girlfriend Dolmatova, leading Alena Vodonaevoy with which they have any discord in the relationship at the end of March. Then the businesswoman did not explain the cause of the conflict.

      Judging by the furious recording ISA, Alena began to cooperate with the man previously despised both girls.

      “Now one more, my friend began to work with the “favorite” partner, who just bought all. Better would have bought a new tracksuit. Yes, I’m a bitch! But this is how is it possible that you are friends with people and they betray you for a grandmother! Not realizing that if I threw, and throw them in the same way cheated of many who worked this metre each. And this will happen very soon knowing this character. Even the one who once loved me and hated of our Caucasian businessman, now dancing to his tune,” wrote Dolmatova.

      By the way, the ISA itself sometimes shows its subscribers how cosmetic products use. However, her blog is not so littered with advertisement, as many other celebrities. According to Dolmatova, she will never work with those who are unpleasant for her. “That’s low! And I don’t want to fall anyone’s eyes. Now I only see the bluff and the desire to come after me, but it is characteristic of uneducated people”, – said the evil star.

      Poklonniki supported the decision of his favorite clear lives from those people who betrayed her. “Just get out of the life of the garbage. All the harmony inside of you depends on your environment, so you do not communicate with these fakes”, “Oh, you’re above others! You’re smart, you have the moral high ground that you never betray! Unfortunately, people are vile, such a kind and pure as you is almost gone. All their doing bad things out of jealousy”, – such comments written by the subscribers.

      Negative reaction Dolmatova connected with the story of how she took one of her businesses – lab style AiLab. The scandal erupted in February of this year. It was rumored that the partners businesswoman were unhappy that the face of beauty is constantly missing in Russia. According to Dolmatova, co-owner Badal “terrorized” the laboratory employees and did not report ISA about what is happening in the company and did not pay taxes.

      We will remind that Dolmatov and Vodonaeva has long been considered friends do not spill water”. The girls spent holidays together, called each other “wives” and confessed his love. Because of misunderstandings stellar girlfriend broke the long-standing friendly relationship just for one day. ISA then explained that I was very disappointed in the friend.

      ISA Dolmatova refuses to communicate with Alyona Vodonaevoy

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