The ex-husband of “Queen of peace” ceased to provide three children

Экс-супруг «Королевы мира» перестал обеспечивать троих детей Russian Julia ionina has two sons and a daughter after the divorce. A young mother is upset that the father of her children is not paying attention to them. After the separation from her husband the winner of the beauty contest to realize themselves in a career.

      Экс-супруг «Королевы мира» перестал обеспечивать троих детей

      A resident of St. Petersburg Julia ionina, in August of 2014, recognized as the winner of the unofficial beauty contest of world scale Queen Beauty World, which was held in Ecuador, left her husband. Different characters of Julia and businessman Vitaly caused the separation of the pair.

      “We were initially different from each other people, almost complete opposites of each other,” says Julia. – And if at first it attracted and agitated, then eventually began to irritate and alienate each other. Vitaly did not share my interests and did not support, but for me it was very important. In the end, the last six months before the divorce, we have almost ceased entirely to share with each other thoughts, and I realized that this is the end”.

      Problems in the once perfect couple where the older five-year relationship and four year old twins Victoria and Plato, appeared two years ago.

      “Then the younger the children are over two years old,” recalls Julia. – They began to spend more time in educational centers and on walks. I finally got free time, and I began to actively engage in charity, organized events, met with the right people… of course, this case required me to total immersion that really irritated my ex-husband. He demanded that after 18: 00 I never went out and every phone call rang in my work, caused him rage. Although, my activity does not affect the comfort of your home, the house was always first, second, third and compote, as they say! But Vitali wanted me all the attention I gave him, for me, it was impossible to sit at home all day”.

      Экс-супруг «Королевы мира» перестал обеспечивать троих детей

      Divorce papers, the couple received a year ago. “Part was my initiative,” says Julia. – I just realized that I don’t want to live like this anymore, we have become strangers to each other. Very defensive, and began continuous quarrels and misunderstanding. Of course, it was very painful and unpleasant, but I did not see the opportunity to preserve the relationship, as has already begun real aggression, I realized that it only gets worse!”

      Today Julia admits that parting with ex-lover has gone to it on advantage. “This year was very successful for me – says the girl. – Worked several projects now I have a new job – I have been a member of the Board of one of the largest Russian rehabilitation centers for work with children with cerebral palsy in Russia “the Center of rehabilitation of the child to them. G. N. Romanova. I got my second breath, I’m absolutely in another way began to feel the taste of life”.

      Экс-супруг «Королевы мира» перестал обеспечивать троих детей

      The girl admits to not only work makes her happy. A few months ago in the life of Julia also appeared love. After the New year she met a man. Now the winner of the beauty contest happy in the relationship and believes that Boris Avakian – her other half.

      The only thing that overshadows the life of Julia today – a complicated relationship with the ex-spouse. “We broke up adequately, have signed agreements on children, – the girl speaks. – Vitaly tried them sees, and we with him was a good dialogue, because we are still native people. But over the past six months the relationship deteriorated, Vitaly almost ceased to see each other and interested in the children. He last 10 minutes saw them in early January and the hours in April. He almost completely stopped to help the children financially”.

      Today, Julia works as the founder of the company Baby Smile, engaged in the photography of discharge children from the hospital across Russia, where he is the founder.

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