Айза Анохина показала ягодицы после пластики Businesswoman bragged. ISA Anokhina shared the frame with the beach. In the picture you can clearly see how appetizing it looks pop star’s Instagram, which it increased a few weeks ago with the surgeon.
Айза Анохина показала ягодицы после пластики

In may of this year designer and owner of a beauty salon ISA Anokhin had two plastic surgeries. A mother of two children wanted to find a round shape buttocks and perfectly thin hands. So the star of social networks appealed to the surgeon who removed the excess and added volume in the area where she would like. For a long time Anokhina, could demonstrate a new body, as she tightened the stitches.

In the photo, which ISA shared in the microblog, she showed her rounded buttocks in open panties from bathing suit. In the caption to frame the woman thanked the surgeon for a new form of priests.

“Now on the beach everyone is looking at me, so awkward and strange, but I’m starting to get used to it,” – said Anokhin.
Айза Анохина показала ягодицы после пластики

Subscribers to its microblog don’t understand why she decided on plastic, because she this procedure was the ideal figure. Many women said that the ISA could achieve the same effect with regular workouts in the gym. According to haters, ass look disproportionately relative to the rest of the body.

“Looks inharmonious”, “Unnatural ass”, “Dark straight shows that you don’t! You separately separately pop! Sadness! Was this cool”, “your slender body, the ass, sorry, it’s just not appropriate,” wrote netizens.

Anokhin could not remain silent. Seeing this kind of reaction from subscribers, she posted a new picture where you can see the shape of the buttocks and justified, does not promote plastic surgery.

“Don’t panic. Priest is not that big. I’m not a master of intimate poses for photo shoots, bent over, as best he could, and his own ass I never say you was, has always been fleshy. Find a photo of you and throw off what I pumped before pregnancy Elvis! And after she’s hung, and I’m not advocating plastic! I have for the sport! But did what I wanted, you know!? I’ve never told anyone “do”. Fortunately, it is very expensive and painful, it will be difficult to repeat, and got my buzz was, and it is not necessary to call. It is not name-calling. And if I, like thousands of other girls who had the surgery and would have remained silent, you would have praised me for what athlete,” explained the celebrity.