Виктор Батурин оправдался за публичные оскорбления Яны Рудковской The businessman told about the litigation with his ex-wife. Divorce Yana Rudkovskaya and Viktor Baturin became one of the most resonant events of spring 2008. Only after a few years the ex-couple managed to communicate.
Виктор Батурин оправдался за публичные оскорбления Яны Рудковской

60-year-old businessman Viktor Baturin gave an interview to Ksenia Sobchak, which talked about the scandalous divorce proceedings with Yana Rudkovskaya in his time made a lot of noise. Now, several years later, the former spouse is recognized that between them there is hostility. During a conversation with a leading Buchanan explained why he once allowed himself to negative statements Rudkovskaya and justified for the many years of litigation.

“If you think globally, you, Viktor, lived a very strange and, from the point of view of the office, an empty life. The last twenty years, you plead with her sister, Yana Rudkovskaya, with someone else. Don’t you think your life is weird? It’s your life, and it is impermanent…” – with these words Sobchak appealed to Baturin.

The businessman said that the proceedings with his ex-wife started on his initiative. Yana Rudkovskaya, said the businessman, not satisfied with the terms of the marriage contract.

“We have already discussed this issue. I have not filed a claim on Rudkovskaya in addition to the suit for dissolution of marriage. She sued me because it was not satisfied with the marriage contract,” – said the businessman.
Виктор Батурин оправдался за публичные оскорбления Яны Рудковской

Ksenia Sobchak once again expressed surprise at the fact that Viktor Baturin is constantly involved in various lawsuits. The owner said that it happened by itself.

Виктор Батурин оправдался за публичные оскорбления Яны Рудковской“I live the way life is. Yes, I had a wife Rudkovskaya. Yes, it so happened that she pleaded with me a few years,” says the man.

Leading Baturin also said that once he indulged in extremely negative and unflattering remarks in the address of the former spouse, which shocked the public. In addition, the entrepreneur shared the rumors about the producer.

Answering the question that was asked in a live TV show, Buchanan said that in that moment was emotional.

“Every person has some threshold after which it starts to say some things because he can no longer remain silent. You don’t know the background of this situation. You don’t know that, for example, was before the phrase that I said… I don’t want to talk about it. I say that phrase because at that time I have matured the need to say it. Some drop overflowed the vessel, and I said it,” shared the man.
Виктор Батурин оправдался за публичные оскорбления Яны Рудковской

As noted by the businessman, he feels regret over events that happened in his life.

Yana Rudkovskaya: “Baturin said he wanted to see the children”

“If you just think about it, you can hang or shoot himself. That’s why I said it… I’m not sure what was the motive behind these things. Perhaps there was something about this that made me say this. Yes, probably, it could not speak. But I can assure you that I was not told to just go and throw dirt Jan. Boiling, I said”, – said Baturin.

The man also noted that “not all people are perfect.” Despite all the lawsuits and scandals, he “would leave life for what it is.” “I like it that I’m still going somewhere. On the rise. (…) Despite the fact that I’m seventy, I’m still learning to live,” added Buchanan.

We will add that for several years the owner is suing the sister Elena Baturina, wife of former mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov. Currently, it is considered the case of bankruptcy of the entrepreneur, and the man said that he would be satisfied with any outcome of the process. In the program Ksenia Sobchak invited the man to call the opponent and to go with her to the world. However Victor Baturin said that he is not ready to such actions, though forgave cousin, according to some, contributed to his prison term. “Any claims to it I do not have”, – said the businessman in the broadcast channel “Rain”, adding that he does not aim to make peace with the woman. According to Baturina, this situation happened a long time ago, so “overdue”.