Айза Анохина готовится к появлению третьего ребенка Businesswoman explained, when planning on being a mom again. According to ISA Anokhina, it does not intend to raise two sons. In the future, the woman plans to give them a brother or sister. The woman also told about how he returned to form after her second pregnancy.

      The businesswoman and star’s Instagram ISA Anokhina living in Bali together with her husband Dmitry and charming heirs – six-year-old Sam and baby Elvis, which came to light in October last year. The woman doted in their loved ones and recognizes that intends to become the mother of many children. “I still want to get married, and again for this man, and bear him sons. And so wonderful to have a completely healthy values and not to bother with the nonsense. My most beautiful and favorite! My family!” – shared a celebrity in social networks.

      ISA recently gave an interview in which she explained, when planning to give birth again. Anokhina is set very seriously and have already outlined plans for the future. In recognition of the celebrity, a joyful event in the life of her family will happen when the youngest child is a little older.

      “I want to have children to your spouse, because this is the biggest manifestation of my love for him. I think when Elvis will celebrate a half-two years old, you can again think about another child. Our family really wants a lot of children! Of course, I would like a daughter, but if I have ten boys, I’ll be the happiest mom. No matter what gender, it is important that children grow up happy,” shared the woman.

      Fans of the ISA supported her and wished her all the best. “Beauty”, “Good”, “Oh, you’re definitely a wonderful person! Happiness to you”, “Simply gorgeous” – discussing social media users.

      Note that in his microblog celebrity regularly shares photos of loved ones and their reflections on a particular occasion. Recently, the ISA once again spoke about her feelings for the second half. “I fell in love with him not only because he’s handsome and with muscles. But because he’s a surfer,” shared a businesswoman. And before that, Anokhin openly talked about their dreams. According to the women, she wants to look even better than before giving birth. So the ISA pays to the sport and trying to eat right. Fans are impressed with the star’s shape and regularly write to her compliments.

      During a recent conversation with correspondents Anokhin told how he returned to form after her second pregnancy. “I’m not counting on genetics, I realized that I have to do sports. A month later, I looked pretty well”, – quotes the ISA Peopletalk.