Oksana Lavrentyev confused with her 19-year-old daughter

Оксану Лаврентьеву путают с ее 19-летней дочерью Fans believe that the actress and model looks much younger than his years. Oksana Lavrenteva is celebrating the birthday of the successor of Alina. Fans never ceases to amaze chiseled the figure of the businesswoman and her patanatomy appearance.

      Actress, model and businesswoman Oksana Lavrenteva is celebrating the 19th anniversary of his daughter Alina. The woman often puts the Network sharing photos with the heiress. Fans admire the appearance of the star of the series “Club”. Often they can’t believe she has a grown daughter. They believe that the photos they do not look like mother and daughter, but as sisters.

      “19 years ago I was 19…” wrote Oksana as a congratulations to his daughter.

      Fans do not get tired surprising that Lavrent’ev was well preserved and looks the age of their child. They also admire that the businesswoman has managed to maintain a great figure.

      “I think one of you is a few years older but not more than two or three,” “As sisters”, “well Done, you kept your figure! Just like girlfriends with daughters, Oh”, “Oksana, you even less than your daughter. How is it possible at all,” “And who of you daughter?” such comments appear after the publication of pictures of Oksana with Alina.

      Unlike many celebrities, Lavrent’ev did not hesitate to publicly display photos where her face is not a drop of makeup. These pictures delight the fans. They believe that without makeup Oksana looks even younger.

      “Can anyone explain? Why, when you’re 18 and you’re beautiful even with a hangover, you still want to dye to complete, and at 38, when to look fresh, you need as many tricks, on the contrary, I want to be with a “clean face” asked the actress.

      Lavrentieva also has a younger son, Yegor, who was born in 2006. Apparently, the birth did not affect chiseled figure Lavrentieva. Despite the fact that the businesswoman admits his heirs, personal life she prefers to remain silent. It is known that almost three years ago, actress and model divorced spouse Anton puck.

      Oksana Lavrenteva became famous thanks to the filming in the youth series “Club”, where she played a model Xan. She has appeared in other films and in clips Valery Meladze, Stas Piekha, Valerie and Dima Bilan for the song “Impossible is possible”. Now she runs the company “Rusmoda”.