Truth: Rustam Solntsev has exposed the most talked about ex-participants “Houses-2”

Своя правда: Рустам Солнцев разоблачил самых обсуждаемых экс-участников «Дома-2» According to the showman, Victoria Karaseva cheating on the novel by Vyacheslav Dvorackova, and Sergei Sichkar lied to win the car. Rustam Solntsev caught in a lie of the former inhabitants of telestroke.

      Своя правда: Рустам Солнцев разоблачил самых обсуждаемых экс-участников «Дома-2»

      Many famous stars of the Clearing, leaving the project continue to be discussed – some fall into a difficult situation, others successfully build a career. Among them are those whose names were in due time rattled all over the country through participation in reality shows, but in order to gain fame, some of them had to go to Frank deception. Showman Rustam Solntsev, who spent several years in the famous Perimeter learned colleagues shared with “StarHit” their concerns and their victories and failures.

      Not so long ago “StarHit” has released an exclusive interview with the former party chief of telestroke of the country Sergey Saccharum, which at the moment are in places of deprivation of liberty of a special type – not so long ago, the man got a reduced sentence. The publication has not passed by the showman Rustam Solntseva, who hastened to share revelatory story about a former colleague. Convicted ex-member of “House-2” Sergey Sichkar: “In prison you’re not interested in money”

      Своя правда: Рустам Солнцев разоблачил самых обсуждаемых экс-участников «Дома-2»“I read with interest an interview with Serezha and I’m glad his sentence was commuted, and I wish you strength and his mother, who is waiting for the son from places not so remote, – says Rustam. – But I am surprised that in an interview Sichkar… to put it mildly, stretching the truth. I would like to remind him and all those who read his confession about how it all began. With Sergei in the Perimeter I lived for about a year and I, as a psychologist and is quite corrosive nature, it could well examine his character. Of particular interest, he began to call me during the contest “man of the year” in 2013, when its ratings began to exceed the limit. I was wondering, what is the secret of this Belarusian parnyagi why the audience is so eager to vote for him? However Sichkar was constantly absent from the set, leaving the perimeter sometimes more than a day. In parallel with his departure to the cosmic scales grew and his ratings vote. It got me thinking that this kuksenok buys the perimeter of the sim card and vote for himself. When I went to Sergei to share with him my suspicions, he rushed at me with his fists, proving once again: I got to the truth. Didn’t want to spoil Sergei mood, and so he went. But, sorry, it was a lie in an interview, telling how you won a car… It’s ugly”.

      By the way, ex-member of the Sun, sloam Rustam Solntsev, too, had been guilty of such techniques. In 2008, the year she won an apartment in the contest “man of the year”. But, according to the showman, her victory also was not honest.

      Своя правда: Рустам Солнцев разоблачил самых обсуждаемых экс-участников «Дома-2»

      “A year ago I had a conversation with one of the leaders of the “House-2”, who told me that her win was fake – said Rustam. Unfortunately, the organizers only after the ceremony, the Sun of the keys compared to the fact that during the voting period, it wasn’t always in “Clearing” – she took a leave of absence because of poor health, and allegedly went to a sanatorium.” Olga Sun had an affair with a young marketer

      Not deprived of attention Rustam Solntsev and one of the favorite colleagues telestroke Victoria Karasev, who after serious health problems have only recently re-got in touch with the fans.

      “Also I do not understand the lie, which went to the former participant of “House-2” Victoria Karasev. She recently assured readers of his “Instagrama” that ten years is in a relationship with by Vyacheslav Dvorackova. This is also true, she told me that this novel several years ago came to an end. Why did she cheat and to ascribe a connection with this loser? She’s so pretty, bright girl, free status would long ago have found themselves a hundred times better than this Glory…”